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Looking for an intelligent person

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And even if this study does rely on those scores, I still find Beautiful couples wants hot sex Frankfort Kentucky pretty interesting.

It works for only men. However, both men and women have this ability to estimate the intelligence of a man by looking at his Looking for an intelligent person.

The study did not use a very huge sample — Still pictures of 40 men and 40 women were used. Nevertheless even 80 pictures contribute a significant amount to science. No experiment is a bad one. They also measured the intelligence of Looking for an intelligent person 80 people using standard IQ tests and asked people to rate their intelligence.

It was found that people were able to almost accurately tell the IQ of a man by looking at his picture! We have an inbuilt ability to spot the shape and features of intelligent men.

This could be a pretty logical evolutionary trait. Faces of intelligent men: According Looking for an intelligent person the researchers, longer faces with greater distance between the eyes, pointy chins, larger noses, slightly smiley lips are the features of highly intelligent men. Faces of not so intelligent men: Whereas broader and rounded faces with eyes closer to each other, shorter faces, sad lips and bigger chins are the signs which tell us that a man is not so intelligent.

Here see the difference yourself. What do you think?

Looking for an intelligent person I Want Sex Contacts

Could you spot it? Which one of these faces is the closest to your face? Tell me in Looking for an intelligent person comments below. Tell Loojing about mine too.

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Guess these researches are more of statistical data rather any science behind them. Yes, this one is intlligent a small and mostly a statistical study, but it does have a very strong point.

It does contribute to science. These little things often end up being huge when people all around the world start testing and contributing data.

Looking for an intelligent person, I think they prove a very interesting point. I myself have noticed that I intrlligent an inbuilt ability to spot intelligent men. If nothing, it makes me aware. I might be able to exploit it better in my life. It does Woman seeking casual sex Burns you something.

True science must always be informed by facts, for which we need first of all to establish what are the facts. So, yes, this study does contribute to science.

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There seems to be a real dearth of that combination! Hehe not at all. There are enough of all kinds of people. Looking for an intelligent person like you said, intelligent ones very often seem to be mean.

I think it has something to do with their excessive use of sarcasm requires intelligence.

Apr 02,  · You don't have to be Einstein to come across as the most intelligent person in the room Photo: AP. By Olivia Goldhill. Merely holding a glass of wine will make you look less intelligent than. Experts have revealed to MailOnline the ten traits that might show you are more intelligent than your peers, including being left-handed, being a cat-person and having humility (stock image). A person can be well versed on a topic but that does not necessarily make him intelligent. An intelligent person is able to talk about just about anything because he reads and learns about Author: Anwesha Madhukalya.

Like House MD is one good example. Anupam, I do know that people judge us all the time.

But, appearances can be deceptive, just as you have mentioned not to judge a book from its cover. But, still there must be strength in such research findings. About the large ears, my mom has always told me that.

How does an intelligent person look? - GirlsAskGuys

And I have observed this all the time. These people indeed are very clever.

There is no reason to strongly agree already. This was just a small interesting piece of research.

Looking for an intelligent person I Searching Men

But nothing is intelligeny. Exceptions are always there…we need much much more data to weed out every possibility. You know after reading this, I looked at myself in the mirror actually the webcam.

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Looking for an intelligent person distance between eyes check. I has the iq test results too. From last 3 centuries west some how manipulated with human history to pitty. Since western Looking for an intelligent person civilization are owed to Romans so naturally Roman have same elongated symmetrical Hollywood features. Asian are all mix feautures and mostly short round and goofy features as chineses always have small eyes due their genome ,Arabs always be more on rounder side and Indian Always be shorter but Chinese and Indians are most intelligent nations proven by history.

These findings, if sufficiently general, Lookinng sound like good news to those among us Garden grove thurs morn only are more intelligent i.

So I wonder whether there is any correlation between the intelligence of responders here versus their reaction positive or negative to the intelligetn findings? Also, somewhat more seriously, I fof whether the same traits would be perceived similarly in other locations or cultures besides Central Europe?

That could be a question for further research. Another interesting study is that women can identify men as homosexual with accuracy based on their smile. Well I am looking in the mirror now.

Looking for an intelligent person

The reason this is wrong is because ethnicities sometimes favor narrow or short faces so someone with a short face in an ethnicity with short faces can be genius.

Actually testosterone makes faces more broad and testosterone makes people more Looking for an intelligent person according to most studies so this is contradictory. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up Strong willed women by email. Notify me of new ann by email.

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