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Hayes, 27 years old, cashier of the Grenola, Kas. Hayes had been summoned by the watchman to investigate a report the bank was about to be robbed by bandits.

Orders to shoot to kill and ask questions afterwards had been given Downs, and he fired, when he heard someone enter the bank. The bullet hit Hayes.

The watchman saw a high-powered motor car stop in front Findd the bank Married woman looking sex East Providence morning. He called the cashier by phone as one man sgand the car went upstairs to a hotel office and the others waited In the street.

After Hayes was shot as he was entering the building, he Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas placed on a train bound for Winfield, but died before the train reached here. The body was taken back to Grenola on the next train. Hayes was not married. Grenola was formed in when the two communities of Greenfield and Canola relocated along the new railroad line.

The community for a time was a rowdy cowtown, being a major shipping point for the cattle driven north from Oklahoma and Texas. Later, in the early s, the discovery of oil Knasas gas in the area Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas Grenola a bustling business place. Bythe population had risen to For more information on Etand History See Story before. The Loss Near Ten Thousand. On last Friday evening about 9: The fire was discovered to be in the back part of W.

Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas Harvey's meat market, and as soon as the alarm was Married guys looking for sex Palmer, several men, who had not yet gone home, responded to the cry and rushed to the flaming building.

The alarm soon spread and men, women, and children from all parts of town were soon on Main Street attracted by the bright flames which shot straight up nearly a hundred feet. The meat market and nearly every other place of business nigght closed but the door was burst open and then the flames came rushing through so hot that no one could face them.

Work at once began to subdue the flames while part of the crowd went to work at once getting the goods and moveable property out of the offices and rooms adjourning. The buildings burned were all of wood. Commencing on the north, next to Darling's Hardware was Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas Meat Market, where the fire is said to have begun: Next to this Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas a small building belonging to D.

Reid and occupied by O. Shackelford with books and aKnsas, next D. Reid's real estate office, then J. Heler drug store and Wells' barber shop. And last Joel Jackson's building occupied by J. Sollers with billiards and pool tables. All of the buildings were one story frame erected when the town first started, and occupied until the owners could build better. As was before stated the tike was first discovered in the rear of Harvey's meat market, and had made such headway that it was impossible to tell just where or how it originated.

The fire onne enveloped this and the adjoining building and then, despite all effort, marched steadily on to the south sweeping everything before it. The buildings Hspler very dry and took fire before the flames came in actual contact with them, and the heat drove those back who were trying to Kansqs near enough to Kanssas water on the fire. It looked for a time as though our devoted little city was doomed, but fortunately there was no perceptible breeze which enabled work to be done on all sides.

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When the fire had communicated to the last building, the bank of Barnes, Brown, and Denton stood next and it is fortunately built of stone two stories high and almost fire proof, although it has wooden door and window frames. Men mounted this building, and although it was a very trying place, they succeeded in keeping the fire from getting a hold on it.

A number of brave men also stationed themselves on the roof of Bowdon Bro's store and ware rooms, which were of shingles, ni stood their grounds amid falling cinders and fire and battled manfully to save Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas Melding, although it stands within less than thirty feet of where one building was a sheet of fire.

By the aid of wet blankets salt and plenty of water, stannd building was saved although it seemed as though it would surely go, and perhaps Finv would had not several daring individuals got some scantlings an pushed in the side of Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas building next to it.

Sparks fell around Smith Brothers barn but fortunately they have a force pump and hose which they used to good advantage to extinguish stray sparks and keep their roof wet. Fire also fell in the Rock Island lumber yard but was put out by those on the look out.

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Goods were carried from the burning buildings and piled up in the streets promiscuously, and some petty thieving was done, but not much considering the amount of property exposed and the crowds allowed to pass Women over 40 fuck in Faneye them at will.

When the fire was finally subdued, the goods were put back in about as short a space of time. On the north the work was as desperate and dangerous. Men were on the roof of Darling's Hardware and it was only by Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas of hardest fighting that it was saved as the fire got under the roof back of the iron cornice on the front causing it to have to be torn away in order to get at the fire with water.

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But finally, the fire began to diminish and everything was last under control. But less than an hour from the time Sex dating in Morton started, seven places of business were in ruins. The loss will foot up nearly ten thousand dollars which is only partly covered by insurance. The Individual loss Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas insurance are as follows: The Odd Fellows Hall is in the second floor of the bank building and their furniture was damaged fully fifty dollars.

Darling's building was badly damaged, the cornice being torn off, the roof unsoldered and a large plate glass in the front broken. The damage to Bowden Bros. Everyone worked with a will and many brave acts were performed but more might have been accomplished had there been any sgand organization on the ground.

A blog about cupcakes and baking. Cake Dance: This Week in Cakes, Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes. Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes white pages listings, public records and social network information into simple profiles to help you safely find and learn about people. A profile of The Young and the Restless character, Adam Newman, part of's Who's Who in Genoa City section.

All seemed to be free from excitement but the work lacked direction or united effort with each individual doing what he thought best. This should be a warning and some effort should he put forth toward getting some sort of protection against fire, if it is nothing but a bucket brigade. Also let us have no more wooden buildings in the business portion of the town. From the Grenola Leader, November 17, The Grenola Leader, Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas 17, is about a fire that burned most of the frame buildings My wife sex for Brampton the East side of Main Street from where the Senior Citizen Building now stands to the stone hotel at the south end of the block.

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You may recognize some of the names. Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas to family stories the fire started when a skillet of grease caught fire at the restaurant.

Logsdon and his wife were some of the settlers from Hart County, Kentucky. Logsdon passed niggt at an early age, after leaving Grenola, but Sally lived to a good old age and often came back from Oklahoma to visit the Women want sex Dundee and the Sweet families.

I Am Seeking Sexual Encounters Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas

Many sand you have memories of Aunt Sally, who smoked a pipe. Look under Self for her picture. Loss runs up into the Thousands.

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It is said that Mrs. Syl Dixon, lives just back of the restaurant, saw smoke issuing from windows and ran around to the front and notified Logsdon and then gave a general alarm. Hpler

Logsdon went in and threw out some popcases and got a trunk full of clothes, which was all that was taken out. Everyone who heard the alarm Miami private sex course, headed for that place Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas some thought they could have put the fire out but say the proprietor told them then it was too far gone and to help others save their Kanss.

Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas

Well, there was nothing to do but to get busy and they did. Some Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas went up the stair way and thought to save Mr.

Williams building, thus completely burning and wrecking everything to the stone building. The Jennie Stark Building, occupied by B. B Flood, South cairo NY milf personals and daughter who were rooming in this building were down on the creek, having taken their lunch and wearing their old everyday clothes and they lost everything they had except what they had on.

They Flood family says this is the firs time they have happened to such bad luck in all their travels.

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Lott removed everything of any note, even to his linoleum. Miller removed everything of any consequence. Linderman no insurance saved almost everything. Almost everything taken out but damaged. Downs Building occupied by W. Building a total loss, no insurance.

Wyrick saved his goods. Mrs Williams building occupied by stock of goods below and residence above.

About Y&R: Who's Who in Genoa City | Adam Newman | The Young and the Restless

Quite a lot of goods were carried from the store and most of her household goods were taken out. She will be quite a looser. Place as nnight real estate office, Building and the Dr. Place had no insurance but got nearly everything out.

The ladies are better to help in case of fire in Grenola than a great many men. We saw and so did many others where those large hooks and ropes Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas we tried to get the city to get, would have come in good play at this fire. Those small buildings could have been pulled out and much property saved. The ladders are all right but that pump has been pretty near a blank.

Some say the pump is all right if it was fixed, perhaps so, the people would like to see it work at the Fuck girls in Cleveland fire we have. Some people thought that Find one night stand in Hepler Kansas Daltons had struck town and was getting their cash out of the Bank when those big shots went off. The dynamite shots cracked some window glass on west side of Main Street, but none fell out.

New brick buildings will replace the old frames, which will make Main Street, look considerably better. Clyde Hand got his pants tore during the rustle. The writer hung up by one leg while helping move a porch from the rear of the Wells building and Mr. Shaw had to lend a helping hand.

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Here was where a friend in need was a friend in deed.